WordPress development and Design

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Frontend development, user interface design and user experience design using WordPress to assist the creative marketing team. Design and implement the production process. Evaluate, test and recommend appropriate framework for design and web implementation.

Client Need

Optimize for “mobile first” layouts and templates Samsung's articles using existing WordPress framework.
Design and Implement a user friendly production process.
Create training documentation and videos for the new production process.


Design web friendly layout form PDF publication. Implement PDF migration to new web layout.
Improve paragraph monotony flow with design elements.
Implement third party plugin to better control design styling and responsive layout.
Write user guide and video torials for proper use of the plugin and design implementation.


Mobile version

Main homepage version

Responsive wireframe

Products Responsive

Desktop version

Overview Section

Break the monotony paragraph layout with color boxes

Color box style settings

Full width parallax banner section

Two tone full width section

Extended solution section

Irregular grey background, products layout

The Result - Extended section